Human-centered Immersive Technologies




INTERATOMIX® was founded in 2016 with the view and commitment to focus on initiatives building products connecting us with the future, more intelligently. 


INTERATOMIX® is derived from the scientific word, "interatomics". It is used to describe the different forces that operate between atoms in a cell (or system).  Electrical, Chemical or Potential Energies are some examples of forces present in a system. Scientists are able to mathematically calculate the effect of these forces. It is the sum total of all forces that ultimately makes a system respond in a certain way.  Under certain conditions, these forces are able to exceed the sum total.  It reminds us of our commitment to always aim to achieve a "greater than the sum total" effect. 


Although alignment to the future and new technologies are written in our DNA, we will always honour the human and social responsibility aspect of any project, product or concept we form part of. We are passionate about joining the various forces that operate within a system and consider every specialised individual contribution of vital importance to the success of any initiative.  The logo represents our commitment to a joint forces human circle of trust.